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The combination of transportability, exceptional image quality and the power of the newest technology is all to be found in the elegant and sturdy ultrasound scanner EXAGYNE. Compact and modern, EXAGYNE is developed in accordance with the needs of the medical environment for fast and reliable diagnoses. Benefitting from a large range of wideband probes, EXAGYNE is convenient for all clinical applications, including cardiology and 4D imaging in obstetrics. Thanks to the interchangeable long-life battery, EXAGYNE enables you to work in total freedom without electrical power supply during several hours and gives you the versatility of using EXAGYNE both in the clinic and for non-sedentary scanning. With its intuitive and ergonomic user interface including many automatic functions and customizable features, EXAGYNE is easy, fast and pleasant to use. Due to its fully digital design, EXAGYNE is progressive and easily upgradable, so that your EXAGYNE scanner will always follow you wherever you go for quality ultrasound imaging.


Exagyne is both portable and sturdy and is specifically developed for the medical field. Because of the use of the latest technologies, you are sure to get an exceptional image quality so that you can make a precise and quick diagnosis.


EXAGYNE has been designed in a very compact format in order to be portable and mobile. EXAGYNE is battery operated and you are therefore free to work for a long time without any concern about electricity. The battery is interchangeable so that you can work for hours. This ultrasound scanner is therefore suited for both ambulatory and for sedentary use.


With a large variety of multi-frequency probes, EXAGYNE can be used for all clinical applications. From regional anesthesia to 4D obstetrics, one single system for an optimal result.


Simple and quick both for installation, initial use and for the everyday work. Intuitiveness is the key word for the user interface. The quality of the ergonomics, the many automatic functions and the customizable features make EXAGYNE a pleasant, user-friendly and easy ultrasound system.


Exagyne is very easy to upgrade with new software versions. The entirely digital design enables a very simple upgrade. This means that your equipment will continuously have all the latest features and therefore always meet the latest demands from the field

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