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iMagyne is a externally small, with a pleasing form, internally powerful with the features of high-level ultrasound scanners. Powerful and easy to use, it offers an exceptional image quality. Designed using the latest technology, adapted to the medical environment (PC based, post processing, CFM, PW, CW, 4D), and benefiting from a large range of wide band probes (convex, micro convex, endo-cavity, linear and phased array), Imagyne fits with all clinical applications and allows a reliable and fast diagnosis. You will be surprised by the simplicity and intuitiveness of the user interface, which enables you to work with all Imagyne features in a record time. From its design, Imagyne is versatile and progressive. It is also as easy to upgrade new software versions, as it is to intervene in after sales service.


Externally small and easy to fit into your office or clinic, IMAGYNE is internally powerful and concentrates many high-technology features. IMAGYNE provides you with an exceptional image quality for a reliable and quick diagnosis.


Because of the large range of compatible probes IMAGYNE can be used for all clinical applications. This ultrasound system provides a variety of imaging modes and therefore meets many different clinical demands. From vascular examinations to 4D in obstetrics, IMAGYNE gives you an enhanced and high precision image.


The user-friendliness for everyday-work is one of our main purposes. This is why we have designed IMAGYNE to be very easily connectable with many peripheral elements. You have easy access to printers, USB ports, CD/DVD drive etc. It is very easy to store and transfer all data like images, clips etc.


Simple and quick both for installation, initial use and for the everyday work; this is one of the key features for the ultrasound scanner IMAGYNE. The intuitiveness of the interface enables you to work easily with all the features of the system very quickly: post processing, image adjustments, zoom, measurements etc.


The entirely digital design enables a very simple upgrade. This means that your ultrasound scanner will continuously have all the latest features and therefore always meets the latest demands from the field.

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