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The most well-known products exported by Phu cuong private enterprise include:

        Long grain white rice 5% broken
        Jasmine rice and White rice
        Broken rice: 5%, 10%, 15%, 25%, 35%, 100%
        White rice 10% broken
        Glutinuos rice

Raw rice is carefully examined, selected, and weighted. Laser machines will remove all impurities and foreign particles.

Our Custormer

 Although the economy atthat point had lots of violations and rising inflation, the specific orientation development of services and products under the slogan"Prestige- Quality" has helped us a large stable and sustainable amount of customers.

Provided to the customers:

         Domesticl market: throughtheforms of exporttrust, supplyexport, and domestic consumption for the following units: Southern FoodCorporation, NorthernFoodCorporation, Ha Noi Joint StockImportandExport LTTP Comapny, SongHauFood Company....

            +In 2010: 40.000tonnes
            + In 2011:70.000tonnes
            + In the first 09months of the year2012: 90,000tonnes

         Foreign market: exported ricetoothercountries such as Australia, Singapore, HongKong, Turkey, East Timor, UkraineTonga, Dili, Algeria, the Philippines, Cuba, UAE, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, South africa, USA, Moldova, and Uganda...

            + In 2010: 14,000tonnes
            + In2011exports: 36,000tonnes
            + In the first 09monthsof the year 2012: 60,000tonnes