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  Human resource is the key to the healthy development of an enterprise, and Angy is in deep knowledge that only by having sufficient talented staffs can it make great achievements. Thus Angy has more than 60% of the employees are majoring in the field of medicine to ensure its professionality. Angy has more than 130 stuffs and has established more than 20 offices nationwide, with more than 20 sales managers, achieving close-management and timely-support.

  Information is wealth, and in order to achieve the sharing of national market information and sales information at the shortest time, Angy adopts the advanced CRM management software, and by this way, the sales all over China can store the information and also share the information stored by other sales. At the same time, in order to strengthen the company's management, sales shall submit their daily, weekly, monthly plan and report on the CRM software, and the sales managers in each section shall organize related meetings, case studies, etc., thus making the immediately handling of all the cases.

  In order to keep those key talented staff members, Angy has set down a series of competitive salary system and management system, increasing sense of belonging and sense of mission of staff members, inspiring sales team to work hard with energetic and progressive spirit, establishing a solid base for the company’s development.

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